Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bill's Faith Story

No matter how many times I listened to my friend Bill Hennessy's story, it makes me wonder why I am not telling others about Jesus as I should: 

I spoke to Dr. Bill Hennessy in October 2008, and I am today I am HEAD COACH in India for NETWORK211.  I have been blessed to have reached more than 8000 people personally since then and told them about Jesus.  People whom I have never met, people who were from broken homes but now reunited and happy.  People who did not know Jesus, but today they not only know Jesus they also have dedicated their lives to HIM.

I pray that as many listen to the testimony of what God did in and through my friend Bill Hennessy, will also come to know that God who is faithful, is calling you and me into a fellowship with HIS Son Jesus Christ.

Blessings on you.