NETWORK211 in India in February 2011

Dr. David Mohan, Vice Chairman WAGF and Dr. David Grant when they visited the Network211 stall during  WAGF 2011. 

Noel Pentony giving a Power Point Presentation  of  Network211 in India, at the Breakout Session during the  WAGF at New Life Assemblies of God in February 2011.

Bro.Ramesh and Bro. Leo Bastian  at the Network211 Stall at the WAGF 2011 in New Life Assembly of God Church, Chennai, India.


Rev. D. Justin John, Sr. Pastor of Zion AG Church in Bangalore, praying before the Network211 promotional meeting held in the church. 

Pastor Justin John sent SMS messages to pastor friends and believers in the church to attend the meeting.


Shanti’s mother knew the Lord before her marriage. However, she married a Non-Christian and backslid from the Lord and due to that the children grew up with a non-Christian influence.  Her husband expired 12 ago and they went into a depression.  Shanti looking for an answer to her life posted her questions on the e-responder sign-up.

Bro. Noel responded to Shanti and directed her to Rev. M.D.V. Prakash. Pas. Prakash and his wife visited her and her mother in their home, prayed for them.

In the above photo we see Shanti, after she had committed her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and being baptised by Rev. M.D.V. Prakash at the AG Church in Gautam  Nagar, Hyderabad.

Shanti celebrated her twentyfourth birthday on the day she was baptised.  It was an occassion for a double celebration at the church.

Shanti and her mother during the break at the Friday All Night Prayer at Gautam Nagar AG Church.


Rev. Samuel Dinakaran and his wife Anita.  They have been a great blessing to the many who have logged onto our websites.  One of the inquirers was Bro. Romel who was referred by Bro. Randy Poole to Bro. Noel Pentony, in India.

Bro.Noel contacted Pastor Samuel Dinakaran, who was very happy to welcome Bro. Romel into his church. Bro.Romel was impacted by the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that he heard at the Good News 

Assembly of God church and brought his his family and his relations (fifteen of them) to the church.

Please pray fro one brother who has written:

"My marriage relationship is in trouble . My wife has been filled with immense anger and resentment 

against me and she has decided to break the relationship for being misguided by inlaws. I have 2 

years old daughter and havent seen her for last more than a year and inlaws now threatens to 

bear legal and brutal consequences if i try to connect with either my wife or child . can you pray 

for resolving my concern."


Sis. Miriam and her husband John (names changed) left Pakistan and fled to Malaysia.  Behind shut doors, in desparation, Miriam searched the internet for help and had logged onto our Journey Answers website and asked for help.  Bro. Noel Pentony responded to her and called a church in  Malaysia who helped Miriam  and her husband along with their little child to find a safe haven to live.

Miriam was expecting her second child.  The church helped her through her pregnancy and found a job for her husband.  Today they are living in Malaysia without any fear.  To God alone be all the glory,honor and praise.


A mother working as a domestic in Dubai, logged onto our Journey Answers seeking for help for her son Antony (name changed) who was an inmate in the Maximum Security Prison in Fiji Islands.  The mother asked for prayer for her son, who had repented and wanted to study the Bible.  Bro. Noel Pentony responded to her, contacted Fred Kovach at Global University in Springfield, MO, USA.  Fred got in touch with the AGWM representative at the Fiji Islands and Bible Study materials was taken to the Maximum Security Prison for Bro.Antony so that he could begin  his Bible Study.  All glory to God for his hand is not too short to reach behind the prison walls for one sinner who had repented.